Behavioral Health Wellness

Life’s challenges can make focusing on work extremely difficult, and unaddressed problems can often escalate and have a serious impact on wellbeing, productivity and performance. MHN can help!

At MHN, their top priority is achieving the best possible clinical outcomes for their members. They strive to always deliver the right care at the right time in the right place, all while using resources efficiently.

MHN's behavioral health benefits, included in your medical plan, give postdocs access to a full range of mental health and substance use disorder services from expert staff and providers they can trust.

Accessing Care, and Behavioral Health Wellness, Resources, and Information:

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Adjusting to the New Normal: Resilience, Endurance, and Whole Person Self-Care

For some of us, the new normal calls for acrobatics - work, kids and their on-line learning, keeping the household afloat – every day feels like a juggling act. For others, it might not be so chaotic, but we’re feeling alone, unmotivated, and purposeless. The common denominator is disequilibrium which requires all of us to learn how to re-calibrate - daily or sometimes moment to moment. This presentation acknowledges and normalizes that we’re all struggling in one way or another, and provides concrete ways to build resilience, and endurance, with a focus on our whole self, to create more consistent homeostasis.
Webinar link:Resilience, Endurance, and Whole Person Self-Care
Access Passcode: 4KR5NEj#

Adjusting to the New Normal: Stress Management
Stress is a fact of life. Some stress is good – it puts into action – but long term, chronic stress can wreak havoc on our physical and mental health. 2020 presented us with challenge after challenge, so learning to pay attention to our stress and expand our ability to cope is imperative. This presentation aims to define the various types of stress and their impact on our health and well-being, and provide evidence-based techniques to add to your personal stress management “bag of tricks.”

Webinar link:
Stress Management
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Mental Health Benefits

HMO Plan (In-Network only) - 888-426-0030
PPO Plan (In-Network and Out-Of-Network) - 800-797-7016.

MHN Find a Provider

For the HMO plan, please select Other Health Net Plans, then California, then select HMO Full Network Large Group Plans.

For the PPO plan, please select MHN behavioral plan.


Your Health Net Medical Plans offers you access to not only major pharmacies, including Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens, but to many smaller neighborhood pharmacies are contracted with Health Net as well. Finding a pharmacy is easy by contacting Health Net Member Services at the number listed on your ID card.Please visit the Documents Library to view details about your pharmacy benefit.Accessing your maintenance drugs just got easier! Health Net has enhanced their maintenance drug delivery program. You may access the maintenance drugs one of two ways:
  1. Either through the CVS Caremark mail order pharmacy, or
  2. Onsite through a CVS retail pharmacy

With either method, you will receive a 90-day supply of your maintenance medication as long as it is on the Health Net Maintenance drug list which can be found online at: For further details, please visit the Document Library to view details about the Prescription Mail Order program.


Chiropractic Benefits are administered by American Specialty Health Plans (ASHP). When you go to an ASHP participating provider, Health Net will arrange and provide coverage if the proper procedures are adhered to.There is no need for a referral. Simply make an appointment with any chiropractor in the ASHP network and you may change chiropractors at any time.

Making an appointment is a snap! Just call any of the more than 1,900 network providers throughout California. These Chiropractors are under contract with Health Net and ASHP to provide exams and treatment.After the initial visit, authorizations needed for any additional treatments will be requested by your provider and handled through ASHP at no hassle to you!


For further information regarding benefits and the provider network, please call ASHP at
1-800-678-9133 or call Health Net’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-522-0088.